Franco was brought in as a stray and checked in to an overcrowded shelter. He is Chinese Sharpei / bully mix — not the type who does well locked in a kennel. He failed his temp test with a D-minus: He felt threatened by the evaluators, and they could not get him out of the cage. Unable to move forward with the shelter assessment, Franco could not be tested for dog-to-dog.

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I visited with him for 3 days straight, trying to get a negative reaction through the kennel, but I was unsuccessful. He did nothing but wag his tail when he saw me coming, take treats gently, and allow me to pet his nose through his cage. During my visitation, I noticed Franco was now hacking, with runny nose and watery eyes. Sadly enough, he had become sick, thus he would not be able to get neutered if he were lucky enough to escape the shelter. I felt compelled to get him out, and get him better.

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Franco is now at my vet’s office trying to get better so he can get neutered. He’s being treated for giardia, he had blood in his stool along with dead worms. He is responding to antibiotics for his URI, and his cough is getting better. He is yearning to be neutered so he will feel better, and he is anxious to trust humans again, and start making doggie companions in his private rescue. My vet tech says his dew claws could be a genetic birth defect? I’m having them surgically removed during neuter surgery to prevent rips/tears during activities.

Please, if you are reading this, please¬†share this link of Franco’s plea to an animal loving friend? I’m not sure what the cost of his total vet care will be, but I am absolutely sure he would appreciate any donations at all, even the smallest amount anyone could spare… He deserves a second chance at a real life — Please help us help him. You will not be forgotten, we promise you this. Good karma, and the love for animals, always comes back to you ten-fold!

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Lomita Pet Hospital – (310) 325-5850
Account: LisaMarie (Sirko) – for “Franco”

Love, LM and Franco.


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