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Lola – Baldwin Park–Crying Female Pit

She was waivered, deemed “unsocial,” “too fearful to approach,”and way out of time, stuck in Baldwin Park shelter. Freedom Photos Lola, on the way to our vet Lola also had a tumor; her spay was deferred by the shelter. We will receive biopsy results this week – PLEASE PRAY FOR LOLA, THAT HER TUMOR BIOPSY […]



Franco was brought in as a stray and checked in to an overcrowded shelter. He is Chinese Sharpei / bully mix — not the type who does well locked in a kennel. He failed his temp test with a D-minus: He felt threatened by the evaluators, and they could not get him out of the […]

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Bossman aka Little Bootie

Little Bootie still has a little bootie It has taken awhile for him to get over his “shyness”, which is really fear, of humans. He had a “hairdo” when I saved him, so I called him Mister Twump (purposely misspelled). His hairdo is normal now, so his name is BossMan, or BOSS. He is the […]

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Gracie ( Phoebe ) has been adopted

Phoebe ( formerly Gracie ) is just an absolute Angel! Everybody simply just loves her wherever she goes, especially at the dog park and dog beach.Phoebe has been having doggy date BBQ parties at her owners house every other week. Phoebe’s new owner is amazed at how sweet she has turned out to be. She simply loves people, kids, and other […]